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  • Which lenses are available for West sunglasses?
    - We use 100% UV polycarbonate lenses guaranteeing superb vision clarity and eye protection. - Our mirrored lenses offer a different take on style, all the while reducing glare and light transmission for an even better visual comfort. - The trendy gradient lenses offer unique aesthetics with a smooth transition from a solid color to a lighter shade.
  • Can I get perscription lenses for my frames?
    It is possible to get perscription lenses with your West glasses. If in need, please contact .
  • What materials are the frames made of?
    We use only high quality Grimald TR-90 ® and stainless steel in our glasses to ensure a lightweight, yet strong and durable product.
  • How can I correctly maintain my West glasses?
    West guarantees durable eyewear but it must never be neglected. Avoid leaving your frames in direct sunlight or other heat sources for long periods of time. Avoid laying them upside down in order to not scratch the lenses. Be sure to carry your glasses around with you stored in the appropriate case. A periodic cleaning of the lenses with delicate cloths is advised for optimal visual comfort.
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